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Donald Trump is no longer on Facebook, which has been a welcome respite for everyone who wants posts that incite hate and violence and spread dangerous disinformation off their social media feeds.

But now the tech giant has announced that it’s passing the decision about whether to keep Trump off of Facebook permanently to the brand-new Facebook Oversight Board.

Let’s make sure the Oversight Board keeps Donald Trump off Facebook. Our democracy and civil society depend on it.


The Facebook oversight board is accepting public comments until Friday, February 12 about whether or not Facebook should continue to ban Donald Trump from its platform. Please submit a comment ASAP. Here’s language you can copy and paste, but it’s preferable to submit a unique comment.

I’m writing to urge you to continue the indefinite ban of Donald J. Trump from Facebook and to make the ban permanent.

His posts on Facebook have put US democracy and civil society at grave risk.

Donald Trump and other world leaders should be held to the same standards that other Facebook users are held to, which means they should not be allowed to use the platform to foment hate and incite violence.

By repeatedly doing just that, Donald Trump has violated Facebook’s community standards. More importantly, he has provoked real-world harms.

I urge you to take a stand against all world leaders—from Myanmar to India to the United States—who are using Facebook as a tool to instigate violence and human rights violations. The first step is to ban Donald Trump permanently from Facebook.

1 thought on “Submit a public comment to the Facebook oversight board”

  1. Beth Jane Freeman

    If Trump is allowed back on Facebook, he will continue to be the troll he was before. Trump doesn’t learn from experience, for the most part. He has to learn that his actions have permanent consequences, in this case, permanent expulsion.

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