Wed., Feb. 10: Tweet to Facebook’s @Oversight Board

Any day now, the Facebook Oversight Board will make a decision about whether Donald Trump is banned from Facebook permanently or whether he’s given back his megaphone for inciting hatred and violence and spreading dangerous lies.

The Oversight Board is accepting public comments until Friday, Feb. 12, so let’s create a tweetstorm on Wednesday. Use our graphic and sample tweets or create your own.




.@OversightBoard: Donald Trump has repeatedly incited violence and stoked racist hatred on Facebook. We urge you to keep him off the platform, for the safety of Americans and people across the globe. #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@Oversightboard: Trump has a long history of flagrant and repeated violations of Facebook’s TOS, including posts inspiring racial hatred & violence, which have put people’s lives at risk. You should consider ALL of these posts when you decide on his case. #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@OversightBoard: providing a megaphone to someone so that they can incite violence, stoke hatred, and spread deadly disinformation is NOT free speech. Don’t give Donald Trump back his megaphone. Keep us safe! #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@Oversightboard: Facebook has systematically failed to protect racial, religious and marginalized communities across the globe. Do NOT reinstate Donald Trump whose repeated violations of Facebook’s rules have had dangerous and even deadly consequences. #BanTrumpOnFacebook

Facebook @OversightBoard: Donald Trump has used Facebook to foment hate and incite violence. His posts have violated Facebook’s community standards and provoked real-world harms. Please hold Trump—and all political leaders—accountable. Our future safety depends on it. #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@OversightBoard: How many times does Donald Trump get to incite violence and stoked hatred on Facebook before you decide he’s a threat to the safety of the American people? Do we need to suffer through another attack like the one on January 6th? #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@Oversightboard: Put the public interest in the health and safety of our communities FIRST. Do not reinstate Donald Trump’s account. #BanTrumpOnFacebook

.@Oversightboard: You need to look at the whole picture. The killers and insurrectionists in the crowd on Jan. 6 were responding to a lie that Trump promulgated on Facebook over the course of months. Do not reinstate Trump. #BanTrumpOnFacebook




5 thoughts on “Wed., Feb. 10: Tweet to Facebook’s @Oversight Board”

  1. Ban trump from Facebook permanently–he is never going to change spouting his vitriol. Please do not enable him by giving him a voice through Facebook.

    Facebook has a chance to do some enormous good for our country. How many can say that? Please don’t promote lies and hatred and racism on our social media. We see enough of that already. Be a force for good, not for evil.

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