Nov 10 – 13: Join the Facebook Logout

Take the pledge to logout.

We’re joining Kairos and dozens of other organizations in asking as many people as possible to log off of Facebook and Instagram from Nov. 10 – 13.

For years Facebook has been rife with scandals and bad decisions, including Cambridge Analyticaignoring disinformation for profitpoor content moderation, and being investigated for antitrust concerns. Every bad decision Facebook makes affects our lives — because the online world doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and there are real-world consequences to Facebook’s irresponsibility. We decided enough is enough. 

Facebook hates losing engagement because it hurts their revenue. This is why we want to get as many people as possible to pledge to log off Facebook. Don’t worry, you don’t have to log out of your account (yet). Take the pledge and mark your calendars for November 10, 2021, when we’ll take action to log off together.

On November 10:

Before you Log Out, tell your friends! In order to make sure our communities know about The Logout, it is important to make one last post telling your friends and family why you are logging out and encourage them to join you! Click here for post suggestions and graphics you can use from the Facebook Logout site.

On November 10th, use this how-to guide to log out of Facebook and/or Instagram on all of your devices. It is important to log out on all devices. If you log out on your computer, you may still be logged in on your other devices like your phone or tablet. 

You can use these graphics to leave Meta/Facebook a message about why you’re logging out.

9 thoughts on “Nov 10 – 13: Join the Facebook Logout”

  1. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or any media platform.
    My friends have to email me for contact or photos.
    Everyone should just permanently drop Facebook.

  2. I left Facebook a year and a half ago and have never looked back. Never really like it much, though it had its uses, respectively.

    A guy almost destroyed a relationship that I had with my roommate … Since that moment, I complained about the situation to Facebook, but to no avail. Plus the idea that you post personal issues for the world to see on it. I finally had it and pulled the plug. One of the best things I have ever done and will never go back.

    Zuckerberg created something that was initially useful, but I feature that can have too much potential for bad. I have enough people around me and enough going on in my life, both in living and cyber wise. Don’t need and no longer want…Facebook!

    It’s just to volatile, much like nitro glycerin! Look it at the wrong way and it can blow up. Plus it’s great for raising cane with unhappy right wingers and such. Facebook could disappear and the world would be just fine.

    Zuckerberg and his friends to find something else to do!

  3. Facebook now has gone “META” and would have us all tag along this road towards total addiction to their platforms. I’m happy to join this strike! Greetings from Mexico.

  4. I tried to delete facebook membership but was unable to.I currently use fb only to catch up on friends from the past;I don’t share my stuff. I f anyone can tell me how to get out of fb please tell me.

    1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
      Scroll down and tap Settings.
      Scroll down to the Your Facebook Information section and tap Account Ownership and Control.
      Tap Deactivation and Deletion, and select Delete Account.
      Tap Continue to Account Deletion and select Delete Account.

  5. What’s a simple way to log out? Scrolling to the bottom takes forever. I can’t spend that much time. Someone HELP please!

  6. Folks need to ask one serious question. Do we really need FaceBook? I know fanatics that can’t live without it, poor bastards! To be fair, it is a hell of a system and does quite a bit for those that find connection a priority. Had some fun with it too, but in the end, I simply didn’t use it much, didn’t need it much, realize that I really don’t want the world to know me or my business, respectively. And it allowed a joker the chance to nearly destroy a great relationship I had on just a Plutonic level. In the end, I logged out for good. Nevermore! (Said the Raven!)

    You call yourselves a union and I agree fully. Hell, I even was in an actual workers union for 12 years and ran a strike in 1996. United we negotiate, divided we beg. I say not only should people log out when suggested and temporarily (excusing those that really need it after the boycott in question afterwards), a vast amount of people should cancel their subscriptions permanently! Your idea of a short boycott is good and I fully support that, but I know that if ‘The Big ‘Z” sees a large percentage of his patrons leaving, he’ll think twice and actually do something for his living as opposed to sitting back, doing some motions and collecting billions. Besides. If Dave never had F-Book, he’d be saying, ‘Paper in plastic?’, or, ‘Would you like your order bigger?’, or, ‘Thank you for calling. How may I help you?’. You know…REAL WORK!

    David Zuckerberg looks like the kid we beat up in high school, take his lunch money, his old lady and toss him a penny and say, “Keep the change!” As Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie, Wall Street, said, “It is now survival of the weakest!” Explains Zuckerberg, Trump, Lindell (that My Pillow Guy), Marjorie Greene (what a chode!) or any and all the do nothing good people. Zuckerberg is in league with these destructive fools. He and the others need to be taken down!

    First step…TAKE DOWN FACEBOOK! Heroin is better for people than stupid FaceBook!!!

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