Nov 10 – 13: Join the Facebook Logout

Take the pledge to logout.

We’re joining Kairos and dozens of other organizations in asking as many people as possible to log off of Facebook and Instagram from Nov. 10 – 13.

For years Facebook has been rife with scandals and bad decisions, including Cambridge Analyticaignoring disinformation for profitpoor content moderation, and being investigated for antitrust concerns. Every bad decision Facebook makes affects our lives — because the online world doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and there are real-world consequences to Facebook’s irresponsibility. We decided enough is enough.

Facebook hates losing engagement because it hurts their revenue. This is why we want to get as many people as possible to pledge to log off Facebook. Don’t worry, you don’t have to log out of your account (yet). Take the pledge and mark your calendars for November 10, 2021, when we’ll take action to log off together.

On November 10:

Before you Log Out, tell your friends! In order to make sure our communities know about The Logout, it is important to make one last post telling your friends and family why you are logging out and encourage them to join you! Click here for post suggestions and graphics you can use from the Facebook Logout site.

On November 10th, use this how-to guide to log out of Facebook and/or Instagram on all of your devices. It is important to log out on all devices. If you log out on your computer, you may still be logged in on your other devices like your phone or tablet.

You can use these graphics to leave Meta/Facebook a message about why you’re logging out.

Oct. 17th: Get the Zuck Out!

On Sunday, October 17th, a car caravan parked outside of  Mark Zuckerberg’s house in Palo Alto and sent a loud message: Get the Zuck Out!

We honked our horns and decorated our cars with #FireZuck signs. Read the media coverage here:

KTVU: Protesters demand CEO Mark Zuckerberg leave Facebook
KCBS: Protesters call for Mark Zuckerberg’s resignation
KRON: Facebook Users Union plans to protest Mark Zuckerberg
Palo Alto Weekly: ‘Get the Zuck out’: Protesters call for Mark Zuckerberg’s removal as Facebook CEO
KPFA Flashpoints: Facebook Users Union Launches #FireZuck Campaign
The Patch: Protest Held at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Home
Between The Lines: Facebook Whistleblower’s Explosive testimony Provokes Calls for Regulation
Indybay: Get the Zuck OUT video (50 seconds)


Time and time again, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to let lies, hate and disinformation run rampant on the platform he founded. He’s consistently put Facebook’s profits ahead of truth, safety, health and democracy.

Please tell Facebook to fire Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg proudly decided to let politicians and “VIPs”  lie on Facebook without any consequences, which undermined trust in the democratic process. He let political and military leaders use Facebook to encourage hatred against womenpeople of color and religious minorities, which resulted in real-life harms and human rights violations. He allowed right-wing extremists to use Facebook to organize violent protests like the January 6th assault on the US capitol. He let conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines spread so quickly on Facebook that they outpace true health information that could save people’s lives. He doesn’t even seem to care that the Instagram business model is seriously jeopardizing teenage girls’ mental health.

One person—especially someone who has such poor judgement—should not have sole power to decide what social media content will reach billions of people. Facebook needs new leadership that prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of its users and the global public. Truth matters.

Email the California Democrats who voted NO to reining in Big Tech

We urgently need to email U.S. Representatives Zoe Lofgren, Eric Swalwell, and Lou Correa. These California Democrats voted with Big Tech and against online platform accountability during the June 23 & 24, 2021 Judiciary Committee hearing on antitrust legislation designed to reign in the power and influence of companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Email Congress Members Lofgren, Swalwell and Correa.

The bills, which would increase consumers’ ability to protect their private data and more easily switch from one online platform to another, did pass out of committee. Most Democrats and some Republicans voted for them. But the tech industry lobbied hard against them, and California lawmakers caved in to this pressure. We need to make sure Congress Members Lofgren, Swalwell, and Correa hear loud and clear that siding with Big Tech over their constituents and the interest public is not acceptable.

Read about why we need to use antitrust tools to reign in Big Tech.

Tell Facebook: Flip the switch on hate and lies

Facebook should create a “circuit breaker” to help prevent dangerous disinformation and incitements to violence from ever reaching a mass audience.

Sign the petition!

By the time millions of people have shared false information, it’s already too late.

A simple circuit breaker could have stopped disinformation about the pandemic and about the 2020 elections from reaching millions of people.

Disinformation and incitements to violence are nothing new. What is new is online platforms that spread controversial content at lightning speed, before anyone’s had a chance to check it for dangerous disinformation or incitement to hatred and violence.

That’s how the verifiably false Plandemic video spread to more than 8 million people in one week before social media companies took it down.

We deserve social media platforms free from attacks on our elections, free from pandemic misinformation, and free from threats to our physical safety.

Circuit breakers are used in the stock exchange when there’s a dramatic drop, to pause trading and allow traders to assimilate new information and make better-informed choices. Social media circuit breaking would work the same way, pausing the most high volume posts for fact-checking before they reach millions of people.

Facebook can and should build and flip the switch!

As Facebook users, we demand Facebook enact a circuit breaker policy to stem the flow of hate and lies!

Submit a public comment to the Facebook Oversight Board

Donald Trump is no longer on Facebook, which has been a welcome respite for everyone who wants posts that incite hate and violence and spread dangerous disinformation off their social media feeds.

But now the tech giant has announced that it’s passing the decision about whether to keep Trump off of Facebook permanently to the brand-new Facebook Oversight Board.

Let’s make sure the Oversight Board keeps Donald Trump off Facebook. Our democracy and civil society depend on it.

The Facebook oversight board is accepting public comments until Friday, February 12 about whether or not Facebook should continue to ban Donald Trump from its platform. Please submit a comment ASAP. Click here for language you can copy and paste, but it’s preferable to submit a unique comment.

Condemn the naming of San Francisco General Hospital after Mark Zuckerberg–We Won!

On Tuesday, December 15, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10 – 1 in support of a resolution condemning the naming of San Francisco General Hospital after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Our coalition took the lead in getting the resolution passed, in partnership with SEIU Local 1021.

LA Times: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

Mercury News: San Francisco may ‘condemn’ naming hospital for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Fox Business News: San Francisco board condemns naming of local hospital for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, wife Priscilla Chan

ABC News: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

Washington Post: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

SF Gate: Supervisors approve resolution to condemn naming of hospital after Mark Zuckerberg

Wake the ZUCK up! We won’t let Facebook destroy our democracy.

Since Election Day, Donald Trump and his enablers have been swamping Facebook with lies and conspiracy theories about his defeat in the election. On Saturday, Nov. 21, we protested outside of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s house in San Francisco to say that he and Facebook are not doing enough to slow the onslaught, from which he personally profits. We say, no more excuses! Undermining faith in voting and elections puts our entire society at risk. The protest was covered by the San Francisco ExaminerKCBS radioMission Local, and KPFA.

Photo by Don Feria, AP, 2020.

Nov. 4th Action: Facebook Must Protect the Results

Facebook will play a key role in enabling–or preventing–disinformation about the election results from disrupting our democracy. That’s why the Protest Facebook coalition has organized a November 4th Protect the Results protest outside of Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park to insist that Facebook stop misinformation from candidates, campaigns, and others who declare victory on Facebook before the final election results are in.

Protecting the 2020 Elections in the Age of Facebook

The Protest Facebook Coalition presented a special webcast about protecting election integrity, voting rights, and democracy in the age of Facebook. It featured:

  • Ángel Díaz is counsel in the Liberty & National Security Program of the Brennan Center for Justice.
  • Yaël Eisenstat is the former Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for political advertising at Facebook.
  • Myaisha Hayes is the campaigns director at MediaJustice, where she oversees the launch of campaigns such as #NoDigitalPrisons and #ProtectBlackDissent.
  • Jesse Littlewood is the vice president of campaigns at Common Cause.

Sponsored by Global Exchange, Media Alliance, the Protest Facebook Coalition and others.