Building a movement led by users!


This virtual town hall is for users and tech workers to connect and reimagine the possibilities of digital spaces that feel safe online and in their workplace. This gathering is a platform for radical learning, solidarity, and building alliances between users and workers.


9:30am – 5:00pm ET


This midterm elections we can no longer allow our lawmakers to accept donations, and support Big Tech corporations that continue to harm its users and workers. It is time to build a global user and worker solidarity movement that holds these tech companies accountable without compromise.

Facebook and other Big Tech companies continue to choose harmful profits at the expense of its users, workers, and their communities. This midterm election we are calling on users and workers of big tech platforms to unite. We also invite all big tech accountability groups and advocacy organizations to join us as sponsors and partners of our Check Big Tech Town Hall.

It is necessary that we collectively challenge ourselves as users and workers of these big tech companies, and call out Big Tech’s role in authoritarian violence around the world. We must change the rules of engagement, we can no longer accept their model that makes money off of our engagement and the harm they allow others to do to our communities. We are not just passive users and consumers of content and their products, we are creators. We the people, the users of these big tech platforms, have the power to create change.



This virtual town hall space is for users to connect with tech workers and reimagine the possibilities for users and tech workers. This virtual town hall is a space for radical learning, solidarity, and building alliances between users and workers. During our time together we will dive into:

  •  Sessions that focus on the power users have collectively.
    • Understanding the history of social media platforms, and the opportunities for user and worker led digital platforms.
    • Deep dives into how we can support the growing concerns about the harm Big tech companies impact people and communities in the global south 
    • Strategy brainstorms and organizing alliances to protect each other and build safety net that works and sustains us
  • Using our voting power to hold our lawmakers accountable for taking money from Big Tech Companies
  • Take a deep dive into understanding how lawmakers are monetarily tied to big tech companies 
  • What are some demands we can make of our lawmakers right now and the near future to hold Big tech companies accountable 
  • Explore conflict of interest between lawmakers and big tech companies 
  • How does this impact antitrust bills 
  • What are lawmakers willing to compromise to maintain their relationship with Big tech 
  • Opportunity to discuss how companies, nonprofits, electoral campaigns who are accepting grants and fund from Meta, and Amazon can move away from Big Tech funding or use that funding as leverage for advocacy.

A training that explores tool and resources users can use to make experience online a little more safer.

Imagining models of digital platforms that support users and workers.


FUU People Power depends upon donations and the support of everyday users. We are currently seeking partnerships and sponsorships from organizations who align with our mission and values. Please consider making a monetary contribution to User and Tech Workers Town Hall. 

lIf your organization would like to participate and or become a sponsor please fill out the form below. Once you have submit your information, partnership and sponsorship will be reviewed. Once approved we will follow up to finalize collaboration.