Delete Trump

We believe in free speech. But let’s get a couple of things clear. 

Donald Trump’s social media accounts are the world’s most prominent organizing tool for violent white nationalists. Some of us may have been chilled by the sight of our elected congress people cowering under their desks, some of us maybe not so much.

But this is not just a political spat. A noose was set up in front of the Capital building. “Murder the media” was scrawled and several reporters were threatened, surrounded and feared for their lives while doing their jobs. In Los Angeles, a Black woman was beaten. There are more violent attacks being planned and no guarantee they will be limited to the stomping grounds of the political elite.

Violent white nationalism is a threat to all of us: women, LGBT/queer and binary people, Black people, Muslims, immigrants, Jews, anarchists, liberals. All in the crosshairs. And all because of election lies powered with racism. We’ve been “Protesting Facebook” because words can and do hurt people, especially in a country filled with weapons and white supremacy.

The Internet should be and is open. Our electronic town square lets anyone and everyone set up a website and say what they want to say, A website called is still there and you can visit it any time you like.

Social media is not the Internet. Social media platforms are tools to achieve wider distribution of content with algorithmic assistance from corporations which set up these sites to maximize engagement in order to draw personal information at scale to sell to advertisers. It’s the business of eyeballs – as the old advertising manuals say.

Maximizing engagement with violent racism and white supremacy is a dangerous business and one the social media moguls have been too comfortable with for some time. It’s okay to say no to the amplification of hatred, lies and racism. It’s necessary to say no to the amplification of white supremacist violence. If we can’t say no, we will replay the rise of fascism in Europe. Six million was enough.

Online social media has been a honey trap for the left; alternately exposing us to federal authorities one week and banning our content the next. The real answers to the disinformation landscape have to do with the engagement metrics and algorithims which send people spinning into the depths of rightwing radicalism without a paddle in a self-perpetuating echo chamber. Studies show that some 65% of members of white nationalist groups on Facebook were invited to join them, not by people they knew, but by Facebook’s recommendation.

But we can’t address that in two weeks. So we have to put our bodies on the levers, and the gears, and all the apparatus, and make it stop. Deleting Trump is the right thing to do.

January 6th cannot be a dress rehearsal.

Submit a public comment to the Facebook Oversight Board

Donald Trump is no longer on Facebook, which has been a welcome respite for everyone who wants posts that incite hate and violence and spread dangerous disinformation off their social media feeds.

But now the tech giant has announced that it’s passing the decision about whether to keep Trump off of Facebook permanently to the brand-new Facebook Oversight Board.

Let’s make sure the Oversight Board keeps Donald Trump off Facebook. Our democracy and civil society depend on it.

The Facebook oversight board is accepting public comments until Friday, February 12 about whether or not Facebook should continue to ban Donald Trump from its platform. Please submit a comment ASAP. Click here for language you can copy and paste, but it’s preferable to submit a unique comment.

Tech Transparency Project: Capitol Attack Was Months in the Making on Facebook

Facebook suspended President Trump following the mob attack on Congress. But the platform allowed organizing for the pro-Trump rally, as well as the spread of conspiracy theories and militant extremism that drove the rioters.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg made headlines for saying the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol was “largely organized” on other platforms, suggesting Facebook had done better than others at taking down dangerous content.

Not only is that assertion false, according to research by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), but it ignores the fact that Facebook spent the past year allowing election conspiracies and far-right militia activity to proliferate on its platform, laying the groundwork for the broader radicalization that fueled the Capitol insurrection in the first place.

Read the report.

Condemn the naming of San Francisco General Hospital after Mark Zuckerberg–We Won!

On Tuesday, December 15, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10 – 1 in support of a resolution condemning the naming of San Francisco General Hospital after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Our coalition took the lead in getting the resolution passed, in partnership with SEIU Local 1021.

LA Times: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

Mercury News: San Francisco may ‘condemn’ naming hospital for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Fox Business News: San Francisco board condemns naming of local hospital for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, wife Priscilla Chan

ABC News: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

Washington Post: San Francisco board rebukes naming hospital for Facebook CEO

SF Gate: Supervisors approve resolution to condemn naming of hospital after Mark Zuckerberg

Wake the ZUCK up! We won’t let Facebook destroy our democracy.

Since Election Day, Donald Trump and his enablers have been swamping Facebook with lies and conspiracy theories about his defeat in the election. On Saturday, Nov. 21, we protested outside of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s house in San Francisco to say that he and Facebook are not doing enough to slow the onslaught, from which he personally profits. We say, no more excuses! Undermining faith in voting and elections puts our entire society at risk. The protest was covered by the San Francisco ExaminerKCBS radioMission Local, and KPFA.

Photo by Don Feria, AP, 2020.

Nov. 4th Action: Facebook Must Protect the Results

Facebook will play a key role in enabling–or preventing–disinformation about the election results from disrupting our democracy. That’s why the Protest Facebook coalition has organized a November 4th Protect the Results protest outside of Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park to insist that Facebook stop misinformation from candidates, campaigns, and others who declare victory on Facebook before the final election results are in.

Protecting the 2020 Elections in the Age of Facebook

The Protest Facebook Coalition presented a special webcast about protecting election integrity, voting rights, and democracy in the age of Facebook. It featured:

  • Ángel Díaz is counsel in the Liberty & National Security Program of the Brennan Center for Justice.
  • Yaël Eisenstat is the former Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for political advertising at Facebook.
  • Myaisha Hayes is the campaigns director at MediaJustice, where she oversees the launch of campaigns such as #NoDigitalPrisons and #ProtectBlackDissent.
  • Jesse Littlewood is the vice president of campaigns at Common Cause.

Sponsored by Global Exchange, Media Alliance, the Protest Facebook Coalition and others.

We brought our messages to Facebook’s front door!

On July 28, the #ProtestFacebook mobile billboard hit the streets of San Francisco and the Peninsula —thanks to your support! Check out the awesome photos and video.

We drove home our messages of protest at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Mark Zuckerberg’s houses in San Francisco and Palo Alto, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s house in Menlo Park, and the businesses of Facebook board members Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen.

Please share the mobile billboard photos and video on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. With less than 100 days to go before the US elections, we need to make sure Facebook doesn’t ZUCK UP our democracy!

Tell the SF Supervisors: Take Zuckerberg’s name off San Francisco General Hospital

Great news! On July 21, San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar introduced a resolution condemning the naming of San Francisco General Hospital after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Supervisor Matt Haney co-sponsored the resolution. The resolution will be voted on at a Government Audit and Oversight Committee meeting before it goes to the full board of supervisors sometime in September 2020. Please urge the San Francisco supervisors to vote YES on the resolution. Click here for supervisor contact information and a sample email you can copy and paste.

Tell advertisers to protest Facebook!

A growing chorus of organizations is calling on corporations to stop advertising on Facebook until the company changes its ways. Please join us in urging these corporations to use the power of the purse to insist that Facebook protect the public from lies, hate, and disinformation on its platform

This toolkit tells you how to easily reach out to Facebook advertisers. It includes:

  • Sample tweets
  • Sample Facebook posts
  • Sample email
  • Contact information for top Facebook advertisers

Your outreach can make a difference! You’ll be joining with the thousands of people who are working to @detox_Facebook by contacting companies through Twitter as well as supporting the new Stop Hate for Profit campaign being led by organizations like Free Press, Color of Change, and Sleeping Giants. Working together, we can generate enough financial pressure to make Facebook rethink its inadequate response to viral disinformation and hatred on its platform.