Facebook had a terrible year in 2021. Here are some of the highlights. Hopefully in 2022, we can wrest this company away from its incompetent leadership (#FireZuck) and stop it from harming health, safety, human rights and democracy.

If anyone can do it, it’s Facebook users.

1. Facebook’s key role in the January 6th insurrection is revealed

2. ProPublica exposes Sheryl Sandberg “is fine with” Facebook silencing opponents of authoritarian governments

3. Facebook Admits its Most Viewed Article in Early 2021 Raised Doubt About COVID Vaccines

4. Biden Administration Tells Facebook its COVID Lies are Killing People

5. Facebook critic, Maria Ressa of the Philippines, Wins Nobel Peace Prize

6. Wall Street Journal releases the bombshell “Facebook Files”
Instagram is toxic for teenage girls; high-profile FB users are exempt from the site’s rules; Facebook is used for human trafficking; and more

7. Facebook Whistleblower Speaks Out, Files SEC Complaint

8. News Consortium Publishes “Facebook Papers” Based on Leaked Documents

9. Rohingya Muslims Sue Facebook for Amplifying Hate Speech That Incited Violence in Myanmar

10. Facebook Voted Worst Company of the Year

Have any other bad Facebook moments you want to add? Post a comment.


More background on Facebook’s really bad 2021

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