Why A Union?

The Facebook Users Union aims to leverage the power of us, the Facebook users who create the content and provide the eyeballs and clicks, to have a say in how the world’s largest social media platform impacts us and the world we live in.

The purpose of a union is to build collective power to negotiate. We have power together that we could never have alone.

We reject the idea that the only power we have as a Facebook user is to accept the unacceptable or to delete Facebook.

We believe that users together can demand, and win, significant changes in how Facebook does business that will make the platform less toxic and less dangerous. Because there’s no Facebook without Facebook users.

To start with, we’ve listed some simple demands that Facebook can easily implement to reduce disinformation, hatred and incitements to violence on the platform. If you are in agreement with them, you can join the union.

Let us know by filling out the form so we can count you as a union member and let you know when we have a new action.