We believe Facebook should protect the public from the violence, hate and disinformation on its platform, which have been shown to cause real-world harms. We want Facebook to be a platform that supports truth, safety, respect and democracy. Click here to learn about our latest actions.

We support the following changes to Facebook’s policies and will act to urge the company’s leadership to adopt them:

  • Label and downgrade posts and groups that promote hate, violence, or disinformation.
  • Do not amplify those posts or recommend them to other Facebook users.
  • Implement circuit breakers to temporarily slow or stop newly viral content while it's fact checked, such as the mechanisms in use in the stock market.
  • Correct disinformation by displaying a correction to every Facebook user who was exposed to misinformation, as defined by independent fact-checkers.
  • Apply the same standards to all Facebook users and advertisers. Political leaders and political advertisers should not be exempt from the standards others are held to.
  • Refuse service to anyone who uses the platform to disrupt elections in the US and abroad.

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We believe that users together can demand, and win, significant changes in how Facebook does business that will make the platform less toxic and less dangerous. Because there’s no Facebook without Facebook users.

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