The Facebook Users Union recognizes that the ultimate way to create change is through organized user power. Facebook needs our content, clicks, likes, and comments to make a profit. But we will no longer accept the harm, lies, hate, disinformation and the targeting of our communities here in the U.S. and around the world. We are joining together to demand an honest and transparent platform that we can trust to be a safe place where we can stay connected and informed.

Why Facebook: 

Facebook is worth almost $2 trillion and hosts nearly 3 billion users. Facebook has the ability to use our personal information and need for connection for profit while shaping our world. We’ve seen how their business model uses division and hate for clicks, at our expense. Facebook’s policies threaten our human rights, and as users we will no longer accept Facebook’s toxicity and harmful business practices. We are joining together to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

Together we can WIN!