We believe Facebook should protect the public from the violence, hate and disinformation on its platform, which have been shown to cause real-world harms. We want Facebook to be a platform that supports truth, safety, respect and democracy.

We support the following changes to Facebook’s policies and will act to urge the company’s leadership to adopt them:

  • Label and downgrade posts and groups that promote hate, violence, or disinformation.
  • Do not amplify those posts or recommend them to other Facebook users.
  • Implement circuit breakers to temporarily slow or stop newly viral content while it’s fact checked, such as the mechanisms in use in the stock market.
  • Correct disinformation by displaying a correction to every Facebook user who was exposed to misinformation, as defined by independent fact-checkers.
  • Apply the same standards to all Facebook users and advertisers. Political leaders and political advertisers should not be exempt from the standards others are held to.
  • Refuse service to anyone who uses the platform to disrupt elections in the US and abroad.

The Facebook Users Union was founded by:

Media Alliance is one of the oldest media change organizations in the United States. Contact: tracy@media-alliance.org

Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic, and environmental justice around the world. Contact: ted@globalexchange.org

Fed-up Facebook users. We’re not ready to give up Facebook yet. We want to take it back! Contact andreabuffa2006@gmail.com

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