FUU People Power would like to thank everyone for attending our first User and Tech Worker Town Hall. Coming together was the first step in building a movement that won't allow Facebook and the BigTech industry to put profits over users, workers, and our communities. As we face the quickly approaching 2024 presidential election, we must be clear: there is no democracy without a meaningful check on BigTech's corporate power. 

We can no longer allow lawmakers to invest in BigTech, take donations from BigTech, and then pretend they will be able to stand for users and workers. Our town hall showed us that the time is now to build a global user and worker solidarity movement.Right now the BigTech industry is more vulnerable than it has ever been. We learned about the urgency of now and our strategic opportunity to hold BigTech accountable without compromise. 

TO WIN it is necessary that we collectively challenge ourselves - as users and tech workers - to expose BigTech's role in authoritarian violence around the world. We must change the rules of engagement. We can no longer accept a business model that makes money off of our engagement and harms our community. We are not just passive consumers of content and products, we are creators. We the people, have the power to create change, because BigTech is nothing without us.