Take the pledge to logout.

We’re joining Kairos and dozens of other organizations in asking as many people as possible to log off of Facebook and Instagram from Nov. 10 – 13.

For years Facebook has been rife with scandals and bad decisions, including Cambridge Analyticaignoring disinformation for profitpoor content moderation, and being investigated for antitrust concerns. Every bad decision Facebook makes affects our lives — because the online world doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and there are real-world consequences to Facebook’s irresponsibility. We decided enough is enough.

Facebook hates losing engagement because it hurts their revenue. This is why we want to get as many people as possible to pledge to log off Facebook. Don’t worry, you don’t have to log out of your account (yet). Take the pledge and mark your calendars for November 10, 2021, when we’ll take action to log off together.

On November 10:

Before you Log Out, tell your friends! In order to make sure our communities know about The Logout, it is important to make one last post telling your friends and family why you are logging out and encourage them to join you! Click here for post suggestions and graphics you can use from the Facebook Logout site.

On November 10th, use this how-to guide to log out of Facebook and/or Instagram on all of your devices. It is important to log out on all devices. If you log out on your computer, you may still be logged in on your other devices like your phone or tablet.

You can use these graphics to leave Meta/Facebook a message about why you’re logging out.